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Must-Have Gear for Your Gym Workouts


Must-Have Gear for Your Gym Workouts

Thick Yoga Pants

We’ve all been there. We figure we’ll save a few bucks by opting for the cheapo pair of leggings or yoga pants. Then, on our third downward dog of the class, we glance in the mirror and realize our entire behind is exposed. After showing my rear to my yoga class a few times, I decided it was worth the extra cash to splurge on higher quality, thicker workout pants. Stores like Macy’s carry nice quality yoga pants and I can look online at somewhere like to see if there’s a coupon or code that could save me some money. And even if there isn’t a code, I’ll still spend the money. I’m all for saving where you can, but I realized that no matter how many yoga classes I took, my bum would never look good enough to show off in see-through pants.

Camelbak Water Bottle

It doesn’t actually need to be the exact brand, but I’m talking about the sippy style of water bottles that Camelbak is known for. They’re particularly awesome for the gym because you won’t spill water all over yourself, trying to grab a drink on the treadmill. The bite-open straw lets you rehydrate with the bottle still upright, minimizing your chance of leaking. Plus, mine is made of glass, which is great for keeping unwanted scents and flavors from lingering in the water bottle, if I ever pour a protein shake or juice inside.

Active Headphones

There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym with big, heavy headphones, or earbuds that keep falling out of your ears. Invest in some wireless workout headphones. The best ones make it feel like you’re not even wearing them, not risk of them falling or slipping.

Phone Armband

The armband I have for my phone is like a built-in pocket for my arm. There’s nothing I hate more than carrying my phone around the gym, with sweaty hands, so that I can listen to music while I work out. Just invest in a running band for your phone and you can use it while jogging outside and inside, during your gym workouts.

Shoes with Support

As someone who’s prone to knee problems, I ran into quite a few aches and pains when I started running. That was until I realized I was wearing beat-up, old tennis shoes. Quality running shoes, with good support, are expensive (they’ll probably set you back somewhere between $70 and $120), but your health is priceless. Head to an athletic shoe store and ask a worker for help with a fitting. Many even have treadmills in the store so you can test out your shoes before you buy. Alternatively, you could go to somewhere like and get your gym footwear from there, since many would people would argue that this is the best place to get running shoes from. If you’re someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, you are likely going to want shoes with plenty of cushioning and support to allow you to continue running in comfort. Check out this website for products suitable for those with this issue –

Killer Deodorant

No one wants to be the smelly girl at the gym. Over the years, I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between plain old deodorant, which masks yucky smells, and antiperspirant, which stops sweat. For gym workouts, you probably want a product that contains both. Just check the labels to find out if it’s a sweat stopper that smells good. Usually, a product with both qualities will be labeled as an antiperspirant and mention some kind of scent.

A Workout Plan

If you are new to the gym or just need some new ideas pick up this book. It is the bible to women’s workout exercises. Or just stay tuned here and we’ll give you tons more ideas for working out at the gym.


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