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Day-by-Day Runners’ Workout Plan


Day-by-Day Runners’ Workout Plan

Those looking to build endurance and burn some serious calories need look no further. With a combination of running and cross training, you’ll be logging long distances in no time. This workout plan is geared toward runners who can easily log two miles and struggle a bit with a six. Just starting out? Cut every single workout in half and build up to this day-by-day runners’ workout plan. Already a pro? Double each time and distance below. Remember, you’re your best fitness coach and you know what you need, so listen to your body and push it to its limits, but not too hard.

Monday Run Day: 2-mile jog

Start the week off right by logging a couple miles. If you’re feeling great, keep going for another mile or two. Take it slow and steady, but get your blood flowing and keep your heart rate up!

Tempo Tuesday: 20-minute tempo run

Tackle Tuesday’s tempo run by amping up the tunes. Plug in your headphones and hit the trail or treadmill. Run for a total of 20 minutes at a faster pace than you’re used to. Really push yourself. You should be traveling at a speed much quicker than yesterday’s run. You only have a 20-minute workout today so power through and power through hard!

Warrior Wednesday: 60-minute yoga session

After two days of running, it’s time to focus on stretching and strengthening those muscles. Drop in on a class at your local yoga studio. Most drop-in prices are between $10 and $20, but if you enjoy yourself, be sure to grab a membership. Joining a yoga studio could save you 50% on classes in the long run. If you’re already a yogi, practice on your own at home. Try to squeeze in at least a full hour.

Three-Mile Thursday: Run 3 miles

Bring up the distance a bit with a three-mile run on Thursday. If you logged more than two miles on Monday’s run, kick it up a few more notches for today. Try shooting for a four or five-miler. Remember, it’s OK if you have to take a water break, just jump back into it and keep running. Push yourself today!

Funky Friday: New fitness class

Celebrate Friday by switching things up. Drop in on a workout class you’ve never tried before. Experiment with Zumba, spin or karate. Shaking things up makes for excellent cross-training because new activities work new muscles.

Power Saturday: Long run

Since it’s the weekend and you probably have a bit of extra time on your hands, Saturday is reserved for your long runs. Shoot for distance today. Run until you can’t run anymore and then keep running. If you hit two miles on Monday and three on Thursday, you should be able to log five or six today. It’s ok if you have to take it slowly or even walk for a couple minutes. Just keep moving. You can do it!

Sunday Rest Day: No workout today

You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve a break. Take it easy, maybe stretch a bit, but no need to break a sweat today.


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