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How Workouts for Women Differ from Workouts for Men


How-Workouts-for-Women-Differ-from-Workouts-for-Men_txtEveryone wants to try and lose weight or gain muscle. So it seems like a perfect idea to go to the gym with your significant other. Hitting the gym with your husband or boyfriend can be fun. You can work together and give each other tips. I know I’ve been helped a lot by going to the gym with other people, it’s how I learned about how useful ajuga turkestanica could be! But while it’s good, it’s not the ideal gym relationship. You might find that there are some things that you can’t keep up with. For example, your husband or boyfriend might use a site like Matador Men’s Performance to help with their health. This might be something that you can’t keep up with, but knowing a little more about the mechanics of your body can prevent some of the challenges that may occur. People can easily pick up injuries or tear muscle tissue when they’re working out, so it’s important to understand which workouts will be easiest for each gender at first. If you’re putting too much pressure on your muscles, the tissue could easily tear. Tissue repair can take a while, so it would mean that you wouldn’t be able to workout properly for some time. To try and speed up tissue repair, people may want to think about using some supplements. Of course, despite the liposomal vitamin c hoax, many people have found that supplement to be beneficial in speeding up the tissue repair time. By using a supplement like that, people should be able to get back to working out much quicker. Of course, injuries are never ideal, so it’s important to do the right workout for you. Men and women work out differently because they have different body types. Workouts for women differ in many ways from those for men simply because you function differently. Here’s how:

Women Can Take More

Researches found some serious girl power in a study for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In the study, a group of men and women were asked to run intervals at their maximum pace. At the end of the workout, they rated how difficult they found the workout session. Even though men and women rated the sessions about the same level of difficulty, the women ran at about 96 to 97 percent of their max heart rates, as opposed to men, who only used 92 percent of their maximum. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that women endure more than men with a more positive attitude. Either way, the study shows that we work harder. Way to go, ladies!

Cardio Heart

Cardiovascular health is generally very different between men and women. Women produce estrogen that actually helps protect them from heart attacks. However, a protein produced during intense cardio workouts, called HSP70, is counteracted by estrogen. Because HSP70 protects your heart against tissue damage, women who are doing particularly intense workouts will likely be healthier performing them when their estrogen levels are down.

Cardio Lungs

The heart isn’t the only part of the body affected by cardio workouts for women and men. Lung capacity comes into play for any type of exercise that increases your heart rate. More oxygen is required, and sometimes that’s harder for women because women generally have smaller lungs than men. The difference is especially noticeable when working out in hot temperatures or at higher altitudes.


While both men and women workout to feel better and lead healthier lifestyles, their ideal body shapes are much different. Overall, men focus on bulking up, building strong, large muscles, while workouts for women tend to focus more on toning and building long, lean muscles. Why? It’s actually not just a result of our society and what we believe looks attractive. Testosterone is needed to build muscle mass and, while ladies’ bodies do produce it, we produce it in much smaller amounts than men. This means it’s significantly easier for men to bulk up than for women, no matter what your gym workout plan may be.

Bendy Stretchiness

It’s no secret that women are naturally far more flexible than men. That means physical activities like yoga and certain types of dance come more easily to us. This may be one reason that yoga studios are dominated by women.


We see women heading to the gym, switching up their workout routine, often depending on the day of the week. This isn’t as common with men. Men generally pick one or two focus areas and pursue them whole-heartedly. Women, on the other hand, take a more balanced approach. This could mean workouts for women actually take much more time to show results than men’s do, but we also work our entire bodies. Something else that will help both genders bodies as they work out will be the right supplements to support training. A friend told me that Fitnessgoal’s best picks are a great place to start with supplements.


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