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LaKeisha from Berkeley, CA took a video clip of herself going to the gym every day for 100 days (and beyond). She posted it on Instagram and now it has received so many views thanks to Nitreo! At the beginning of the video she talks about depression and low self-esteem. Watch how not only her body and weight change over the course of 100 days but her attitude changes…SHE changes because she is becoming a happier healthier person inside and out! Watch the video for your fitness motivation. There is no better time to get started than now!

Can’t go to the gym everyday? That’s ok! There are other ways to workout at home without any equipment or home gym systems. It has become increasingly easier to build a home gym without costing you tonnes of cash, which can be achieved by taking advice from websites like this and looking for alternative methods to buy the best and safest equipment. While you may not need any equipment, you’ll massively benefit from sprung floors that absorb shock for a softer feel. It will also reduce your chance of injury and enhance your performance on your journey to a fitter lifestyle. With this in mind, pick up some workout books. Or join our DailyTXTercise group.

fitness motivation

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