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5 Simple Core Workouts for Women


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Looking for a simple workout routine that will help bust fat, build strength and tone your body? Look no further. We’ve got the perfect exercises to help you get your core in perfect shape. However, if you don’t do certain core exercises correctly, it can cause an injury so be sure to warm up properly and don’t strain yourself too hard – diastasis recti can occur if you’re not careful and it is a long process to repair your abs again. Get your core into great shape in no time with these 5 simple core workouts for women:

The Boat: For balance, strength and killer abs

Get in touch with more balance with this ab workout.

To start a boat, sit on a yoga mat or soft flooring with a straight back and knees bent, while your feet remain flat on the floor. Slowly lean back, lift your feet off of the ground and balance on your tailbone. Stretch your arms out on either side of you. In this exercise, your back should always remain perfectly straight. Slowly lift and straighten your legs and hold. If you feel yourself start to hunch over, that means you’ve gone too far and you need to return to a position that you can maintain a flat back in. Hold there.

The Plank: For a total core workout

Core workouts for women should target your inner abs, superficial abs and back. The plank reaches all of these areas at once, plus your upper arms, shoulders, legs and even glutes.

To start, begin in a push up position. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, flat on the ground, with your fingers spread wide. Your legs should be spread hip distance or less. Engage your abdominal muscles intensely to support your back. Your body should be as flat as a tabletop. Now hold. Start with 30 seconds and work your way up from there.

This is only one way to perform the exercise. For more ideas, visit out plank roundup and get creative with this mean core workout for women.

Classic Crunches: For visible toning

Striving for that six-pack? Believe it or not, simple crunches can help you achieve it. Crunches should never be the only ab exercise you do regularly since they only work superficial muscles, instead of the deep, inner abs that you need to support you in your day-to-day life. That said, crunches are great for building visibly appealing muscle definition.

Start lying down, with your hands behind your head to support your neck. Your elbows should remain spread out to the sides, rather than curling up around your face. This means that your abdominal muscles are doing the work, rather than your hands trying to pull your neck up. It’s better for you and will provide better results. Start by doing 25 regular crunches. Then, perform 25 to the right, 25 to the left and 25 in the center again. As you build strength, do more than 25 in each direction.

Rope Climb: For working those oblique muscles

Don’t worry; you don’t actually need to climb a rope with this one. You’ll just be mimicking the action. The motion of rope climbing is great for working your oblique muscles, the sides of your abdominals.

To start, sit upright on the ground with your legs together, straight out in front of you. With a flat back, reach your arms toward the ceiling and mimic the action of climbing a rope, twisting slightly side to side. Shoot for 20 reaches with each arm and build from there.

5 Simple Core Workouts for Women

Moving Downward Dog: For a core bonus

To give every muscle in your core a little extra push, try the moving downward dog. For yogis, this is basically moving from plank to downward dog.

Begin in the plank position. Double check to make sure that your back is flat and your fingers are spread wide, absorbing the pressure and taking unneeded strain off of your wrists. Very slowly, keeping a flat back, push your behind into the air and back, into a downward dog position. It’s very likely that your heels won’t touch the ground, and that’s OK. Just keep pushing them down as far as you can. Then slowly, with great control, lower back into a plank position. The key is to move slowly, but continuously, not stopping in either position. Start with hitting each pose 10 times and work your way up from there as your core gains strength.


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