• Exercises for Tennis Elbow ab workouts for women
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    Exercises for Tennis Elbow


    So, it’s the new year and you are ready to rock your body into shape. After several workouts or house work or some other repetitive arm movement, you have this deep subtle pain in your elbow. Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is a common condition caused when the tendons connecting the forearm muscle…

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    Body Motivation: 35 bodies that are getting us to the gym today!


    I don’t know about you…but scrolling through pictures of beautifully sculpted bodies really gets me motivated to get to work out. From six packs to tight buns, these ladies are doing it right! Achieving a physique that makes you feel confident is not always easy, but with a balance of diet and exercise, a body…

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    Beginner Cardio Gym Workouts


    Just signed up for a gym membership, but not sure quite where to begin? Don’t let the rows of machines and weights at your gym intimidate you. Here is a quick guide to easy cardio gym workouts that will build strength and cut fat in no time. A solid cardio workout is one of the…

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    Going Beyond Crunches: Ab Exercises for Women


      There’s more to ab workouts than classic crunches and sit ups. While both may help increase abdominal strength, if you’re looking for a flat, toned belly, you’re looking for some serious ab exercises for women. Here are a few to get you started:   Scissor Kicks Scissor kicks are one of the most intense…

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    Looking for the Perfect Ab Toner? You’ve Already Got It!


    Why ab toner products can be a waste of money: Ab toner products are a lot like holiday regifts: every once in a while, you stumble upon a gem, but usually it’s all rubbish. If you’re a late-night infomercial shopper, odds are you’ve got a closet stuffed with crunch machines and uncomfortable belts that promise…

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    5 Easy Ab Workouts


    Even on those days that you don’t feel like hitting your workout routine hard, it’s still important to try to squeeze some kind of exercise in. You’ll feel better and see results much faster. When it comes to exercising, finding the motivation can be a struggle sometimes, so it comes as no surprise to find…

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    Fitness Motivational Quotes


    Run. Do yoga. Dance. Walk. Bike. Skip. Jump. Sprint. Swim. Ski. Kickbox. Jog. Get active. Get moving. Reason to be fit: Cause my body is the best investment I have ever made. (image) 10 minutes exercise? That’s still 10 minutes more than nothing. (image) 11 reasons why you should drink more green tea! It is…

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    Gym Workouts for Women


    Sometimes you just can’t do things at home OR you get mega bored with your gym workout. Here are some ideas to keep your gym workouts fresh and fun while working your muscles in new ways and getting better results for the time you’re spending at the gym!     In this plan you do:…

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    Shakeology Ingredients


    I’ve been loving my Shakeology smoothies lately because it’s an easy quick way to get a healthy dose of superfoods without having to worry about getting the right combination of things to get a good flavor. I’ve actually made some bad tasting smoothies then threw this in there to try to fix up the taste…