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    The Number One Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat


    Belly fat is tough to shed, especially when it comes to getting rid of that annoying pooch that we, as women, tend to carry under our belly buttons. There are a few tricks to flattening out your tummy, from eating right to the hitting the gym. But, to speed up the weight loss process a…

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    Abdominal Hold Video


    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zhcCZQ_wAI[/youtube] Abdominal Hold Video Do do this exercise place your hands on the edge of a stable chair with your fingers facing forward.  Push your hands down into the chair and lift your butt off the seat.  Hold for 5-10 seconds (or as long as you can).  Lower you bottom back down to the chair….

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    Day-by-Day Runners’ Workout Plan


    Those looking to build endurance and burn some serious calories need look no further. With a combination of running and cross training, you’ll be logging long distances in no time. This workout plan is geared toward runners who can easily log two miles and struggle a bit with a six. Just starting out? Cut every…

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    Best Workout Videos for Women this Month


    Launching a YouTube channel is a unique way to promote and represent your brand. This is especially true in the health and fitness industry, where internet savvy entrepreneurs can make a living from workout videos and tutorials. Thinking of setting up a YouTube channel of your own? For more ways to set up an online…

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    PaceBoat: You Can’t Beat Me!


      Your biggest competition should be yourself.  If you consistently push to achieve faster times, more reps, etc. you WILL get better and eventually meet your overall fitness goals.  This is why I love the idea of the PaceBoat on my row machine.  The PaceBoat is ME…the last time, yesterday, the old me, the only…

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    How Workouts for Women Differ from Workouts for Men


    Everyone wants to try and lose weight or gain muscle. So it seems like a perfect idea to go to the gym with your significant other. Hitting the gym with your husband or boyfriend can be fun. You can work together and give each other tips. I know I’ve been helped a lot by going…

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    Arm Pump Leg Lift for Tighter Abs


      To do the Arm Pump Leg Lift for tighter abs workout, follow these simple instructions. 1. Lay flat on your back with your hands to your sides and your legs straight. 2. Lift your arm to be directly next to your body and lift your head about 2 inches from the floor. 3. Lift…

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    How to Get Abs without Joining a Gym


    Gym memberships are pricey. You’ll struggle to find one for less than $50 and some cost as much as $200 each month. Luckily, you don’t need a gym, treadmill or workout class to get fit. You can simply alter your lifestyle slightly and watch as you grow lean, strong muscles in your abs and the…